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The Dopag micromix range of systems are compact, pneumatic or electrically driven piston pump metering and mixing systems.

They are used to either continuously apply or meter shots of low to high viscosity multiple component materials such as epoxies, poly-urethanes and silicones within a mixing ratio
of 100:100 to 100:4. The material can be abrasive as well as filled.

The material is either supplied from pressure vessels or by feed pumps.

Typical applications


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Fakta om Scanmaster ApS

Scanmaster ApS
Svogerslev Hovedgade 48,
4000 Roskilde

Roskilde Kommune

Telefon: +45 45828090

Fax: +45 45828035

VAT nummer: DK18075970

P nummer: 1001425362

Anställda: 7

Certifikat: AAA, CE, ISO 9001:2008


Elisabeth Windelin-Haslund
Avdelning: Marketing
Mia Stenholm Pedersen

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