Nytt tjänsteföretag etableras i Sverige

Ett nytt tjänsteföretag inom miljöfrågor har sett dagens ljus i Sverige. Det är italienska Ecol Studio som etablerade sig i Sverige under förra året. Inom förpackningar rådgiver man bland annat inom material och maskiner för direktkontakt med livsmedel. Företaget har identifierat Pack Point Nordic som den ledande mötesplatsen för förpackningsfrågor i Sverige.

Consuelo Giordani är Managing Director på Ecol Studio Consulting AB i Sverige och kommer så klart att vara på plats när företaget för första gången ställer ut på Pack Point Nordic den 16 maj i Stockholm.

How important is Pack Point Nordic as a venue for you?

Pack Point Nordic is the meeting point for the packaging market of Northern Europe, and this is very important for our company, not only because we have identified the Nordics as a strategic area for our development, but because of Ecol Studio’s specific knowledge in the packaging market. Ecol Studio Consulting AB and ECOL STUDIO UK LTD have been established in Sweden and UK in 2018 in order to be closer especially to Paper and Board companies, who often have branches in Northern Europe and already are clients of Ecol Studio, the mother company located in Italy. Pack Point Nordic is a great opportunity to meet existing clients, who already appreciate our testing and consulting services, and to introduce ourselves to new ones.

What is your expectation on this year Pack Point Nordic?

Sharing experiences and updates with partners, speakers and attendants about the scenarios the Packaging market is facing right now and the challenges the companies need to be prepared to face in the near future. New contacts and opportunities to present our strategy in supporting companies with distinctive services for the Packaging Industry, with a special focus on Food Contact Packaging. In other words, new “partnershipsforleadership”!

What qualities will be most important in future packaging?

More and more characteristics of packaging are becoming important, and many of them have something to share with the “intangible hidden value” of packaging for the producers and their customers. Not only technical performance and price, but clear compliance to requirements, traceability, communication power and recyclability. It means that producers needs to implement an holistic approach to design and development of new packaging solutions, in close partnership with their suppliers and customers.

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